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Simple self-hosted monitoring tools

Recently I need a tool to monitoring my devices, and alert me if some services goes down.

I found some softwares on internet.

  • Checkmk – Your complete IT monitoring solution
  • Gatus – ⛑ Automated developer-oriented status page
  • Grafana – The open-source platform for monitoring and observability
  • Prometheus – monitoring system and time series database
  • huginn – Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!
  • Monit – Up and running in 15 minutes!
  • Monitoror – Unified monitoring wallboard — Light, ergonomic and reliable monitoring for anything
  • Netdata – The open-source observability platform everyone needs!
  • Uptime Kuma – A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool
  • Zabbix – Real-time monitoring of IT components and services, such as networks, servers, VMs, applications and the cloud

I heard Grafana, Prometheus and Zabbix before but they seems too complicated to me.

I have experience with Monit before, the config was simple, it can alert via email. I will have it on my server but I wanted to try something new.

So I tried Netdata, for my needs it was simple with fancy UI but I don’t want all of its feature.

Gatus and Uptime Kuma seems fit my needs, it does the job and it has clean UI.

I will try Gatus in several days and still running Netdata for now.

After all, maybe I will go back with Monit because I don’t really want UI, just monitoring and alert.


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