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Mail server on your single-board computer easy way

I used to use 3rd-party mail services like Gmail or Outlook for a long time.

Recently, I deployed some websites and I needed to send emails by my own domains.

This is really complicated with Gmail, of course they let us do it.

Then I thought I need to host mail-server myself.

I found some solutions like docker-mailserver, mailcow: dockerized, mailinabox..

Most of them are combine of Postfix, Dovecot..

But I wanted something new, easier to understand and maintain then I found Stalwart.

The docs is useful but it’s not very clear for beginner like me. I have been struggling to understand how Mail Authentication works.

But I made it works.

I’m using it for 2 domains. Local domains via local SMTP, external domains via Mailjet Relay. It works perfectly.

I’ll pay for other Mailjet Plans when I need to send more emails.

Thank to Mailjet, they have Free Plan for now.


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